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The Man From The Window Online

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Welcome to an exciting quest that will quickly check your agility and survival skills. This horror story is short but nerve-wracking enough. You will have to confront a terrible monster from the book. The plot will return you to your childhood. You surely had enough fears when you were a small kid. So now, you will have a chance to experience the same freezing feeling of overwhelming fear.

Does the evil monster exist?

Everything starts when the main character reads a scary story. You play for a little rabbit who learned about a terrible monster. That personage exists in a fairy tale, but the rabbit gets incredibly frightened. He rushes to his mom, who has just returned from work, to complain that they are going to be killed by a terrible man! Mother rabbit says it is just his imagination, but suddenly someone quietly knocks on their window. It’s him! The scary monster has found the rabbit and his mom. And you do not need to think hard to understand what he is going to do with these lovely characters. So it is the right time to interfere and help them survive. It is going to be one of the hardest tasks you have ever tried to complete. But do not give up even if your opponent is really dreadful!

Use all possible tricks!

You have only five minutes to remain alive. If you manage to escape meeting your enemy face to face for five minutes, you will get rid of him. But this short period will last forever when you are expecting a possible attack at any moment. How can you help poor rabbits in this dangerous situation? Grab the book the little rabbit was reading – you will surely find a lot of hints there. First of all, take some sweets and put them on the table. The enemy loves candies and will spend some time eating them. Then find a special rhyme in the book that can delay your opponent a little more. And, finally, find a place in the house for the heroes to hind. This way, monster will spend a few minutes to discover them. If you use the right strategy, you will hold out for five minutes and remain alive. However, it will be unbelievably difficult to succeed! Good luck!

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