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Do Not Open

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If you do not have enough thrills in your everyday life, you may get a handful of them online. This time you are offered to enjoy a new horror game – Do Not Open. But do not hope for some light walkthrough – you will be scared to death! You will find yourself locked in a terrible house, with monsters trying to catch you! These are the baby-demon and crazy witch. Will you have enough skills to avoid dangers and survive?

Hide and solve puzzles!

You will have to be as calm as possible and skillfully hide from your enemies. But you will face lots of difficulties. One of them is continuously changing environment. So it will be extremely challenging to remain invisible to your opponent. Besides, you will have to solve multiple tasks to find way out from endless traps. It will always make you to think really hard to find a proper solution in each situation. Enjoy hundreds of randomly generated scenarios and try to always remain safe and sound. It will be a real trial!

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