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Baby In Yellow

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Among the rather tense games made in the horror genre, it is worth highlighting Baby in yellow. It would seem that there is nothing unusual and terrible in her, since she will have to be in the role of an ordinary nanny. The player will need to move independently and be in a creepy house and take care of a completely normal child in a yellow blouse, which, as the game progresses, begins to change beyond recognition and harbor real evil.

To go through the game to the end and stay in the winners, you need to get rid of sentimentality and not pay attention to childish whims. Remember that in the process of performing game tasks, an innocent, at first glance, child is watching you and studying your behavior.

Cool horror is not for the faint of heart!

In entertainment, everything is worked out to the smallest detail, from the frightening atmosphere to the eerie musical accompaniment, which keeps you in constant suspense. Additionally, many effects are used for even more fear and excitement. You can play the game process both on a personal computer and on a modern smartphone due to the minimum requirements for installing the game.

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