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The Man From The Window

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Some horror games are quite short, but they can really scare you to death. If you miss some thrills and jumpscares, welcome to The Man From The Window. The plot is devoted to kids’ fears. You may immediately remember that you also had some fears when you were a child. So are you ready to experience that feeling again? It will creep right under your skin, and you need to be smarter to remain alive. Are you still ready to give it a try?

Meet a little rabbit!

This lovely rabbit is the protagonist of this story. The events unfold at his home, where he is peacefully playing and waiting for his mother to return form work. When he is tired, he finds a book of tales on the shelf and starts reading. One of the stories is frightening – it tells about the monster who can penetrate any house and kill everyone inside. The little rabbit was still shivering with fear when his mother came come. She starts to calm him down when someone knocked on the window. Now, the fairy tale has become a reality. The monster from the book is here! It will take him a second to get inside. Poor rabbits are in trouble, and they urgently need to find a way to survive. It will be impossible without your support, so hurry up to protect the characters.

Try all tricks to win time!

You know that you have really little time to mislead the enemy – there are only 5 minutes that will decide your fate. First of all, you may think about the most distant corners to hide from the follower. But it is not enough, as the monster will find you anyway. So make sure you use other tips to delay the enemy on his way. What are these? You can leave some candies in the room. The man from the window likes sweets and will sure stop to enjoy a few. And just check what happened in that book – there were magical rhymes that can also have a negative effect on the protagonist. Open the story to read them out loud. It may scare off the enemy and you will win another precious minute. The game comes with several possible endings. These depend on your choices during the walkthrough. Are you smart enough to make the right decisions within these five long minutes? The lives of the characters are now completely in your hands.

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