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The Backrooms

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Are you looking for some creepypasta plot to make you really scared? You may like The Backrooms, a horror story where you are going to be the only character! Are you intrigued? Then let’s enter a strange maze which looks completely abandoned. You may even have already guessed your task – you should find an exit as soon as possible. And you will understand soon that it is going to be quite challenging!

Explore the labyrinth!

You will have to study this weird environment. But you will quickly understand that all rooms and corridors look the same here. They are empty and covered with old yellow wallpapers. You will walk from the room to the corridor, and this pattern will keep repeating. At a particular moment, you will start thinking you have lost your mind. Moreover, you will have a feeling that someone is watching you here. Is that just a game of your imagination or is someone really trying to play an evil joke on you? Do your best not to lose your sanity and continue your way!

Interact with various objects!

When you will finally feel you have got stuck, it is time to change the strategy. From time to time, you will come across strange objects. Do not neglect these – collect them and study them properly. Some objects contain helpful tips that may give you an idea about what to do next. Be especially attentive not to miss scraps of paper. You will even discover that they may contain some phrases. Add these up to get some information. These look to be hints that are left by someone who was trying to complete this quest before. Follow these tips and maybe you will be lucky to find the door to the freedom!

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