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Siren Apocalyptic

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If you are not afraid of monsters, welcome to a new horror game! This time, you go to a mysterious island where your colleague disappeared without a trace. Rumors say that a terrible monster resides there and kills everywhere who dares to appear in his territory. Nobody has ever seen this beast, but people say that he looks like a human but with a siren instead of his head. Siren Head can produce deafening sounds that can freeze blood in your veins.

Try to pass the forest without a sound!

Your hero has a task to install surveillance cameras all across the island to get more information about this terrible monster. You will be walking through a dark forest with only a flashlight. Your enemy has an excellent hearing, so you need to be very quiet not to be spotted by the creature. Moreover, your opponent has fierce dogs that help him in hunting. Do your best to explore this dangerous location and still remain alive. Your strengths are not equal, so you need to act without mistakes.

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