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The Man From The Window 2

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Everyone knows children always have some type of a fear. And in most cases they are afraid of some non-existing monsters. So adults may only smile in return. But do kids always invent stories or do these terrible monsters really exist and we just struggle to see them? If you want to return back into your childhood and go through that feeling again, welcome to The Mam From The Window. You will gain an unforgettable experience together with a little rabbit and his mom.

Is the monster real?

One day, a little rabbit was playing home alone. His mom is at work, and the hero feels really bored. He is struggling to find some entertainment and decides to read some fairy tales. However, the book turns out to be really scary. It tells about a mysterious creature that appears from nowhere, gets inside the house he likes and kills everyone there. The story is so realistic, that the personage is literally trembling with fear by the time his mother returns home. He immediately tells about it to his mom, but she is sure it only some fantastic story. But suddenly, they clearly hear somebody knocking on their window. They are not expecting guests. So what is going on! It is the Man from the window, that creepy monster from the book. It means he really exists! If that creature gets inside, he will not leave anyone alive. The worst thing is that nothing can stop the enemy, as he can pass through the walls with ease! And the story has it that whoever happened to meet him, was never seen again.

Will you hold out for 5 minutes?

The game has a very simple rule – you need to confront this terrible enemy for five minutes to survive. If he manages to capture you earlier, the game is over for you. Even if both characters are scared to death, they need to invent something. The heroes do not have weapons to kill the enemy, so they must find other methods to distract him. Just remember the story from the book – it contained some magical rhymes that have some power against the villain. Tell these verses aloud to win some time. Do not forget that this monster adores sweets – leave some candies on the table to take more time. And, of course, you can hide. Look for some hard-to-reach places to hide. The terrible creature will have to waste some time on finding you, so you will again win a minute. Are you smarter than this cruel murderer? These five minutes will last forever when you are going through this horror game!

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