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Piggy Escape from the Pig

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What do you know about survival when you cannot expect any help? This game will allow you to dive into such a dangerous situation! All events unfold in a big mansion that belongs to Piggy! And she will become your main opponent in this adventure. You may have met this personage in other projects where Piggy is quite friendly. But this time, you will see a true monster in front of you who is going to catch you at any cost!

Do not allow Piggy to approach too close!

You will need to do all in your power to find the key, unlock the front door and run away. However, it will not happen in an instant. You need to find a way to an exit and, at the same time, to avoid your enemy approach too close to you. It is enough for Piggy to even touch you, and the game will be over for you. So always keep at safe distance and do not lose your agility even for a second. There are tons of puzzles that need to be solved before you finally succeed. Make sure you find the clues to them all and manage to survive!

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