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Amanda The Adventurer

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You never know what you may find in the attic. Sometimes, it can be something nice. However, some findings may be quite unexpected. In this cool game, the protagonist finds old VHS tapes. This is an old TV show about Amanda, an adventurous girl, and her lovely pet Woolie. There are three tapes, and you decide to watch them all.

Join the friends’ adventures!

You will meet these two characters and join them in various activities. At first glance, they seem to be the best friends ever. But is that really so? As you move along, you start to notice strange things. Amanda does not seem to care much about her companion. And sometimes, you may notice that the sheep is trying to show some strange signs. If you read them correctly, you will understand that he does not feel safe with the girl. It is enough to see how she treats him in the butcher’s store. This may be quite alarming. However, usually players do not have enough attention to these nuances. They are relaxed and keep watching the tapes.

Will you survive?

The more you watch, the stranger is Amanda’s behavior. And in the third episode, you will finally realize that something is fishy here. Woolie has mysteriously disappeared one moment. What could happen to this lovely character? You would like to find it out. But Amanda has now focused on you! And it seems that now your life is in danger too. Can Amanda be a merciless killer? You need to watch the third tape to the end to find it out!

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