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Among Us

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Does your logic work really well? Then you can become a good detective! In this cool game, you will check it with ease! You will play for an astronaut who travels in a spaceship together with a crew of the same astronauts. The personages are very cute-looking and wear bright overalls. They all are active and friendly. The team needs to perform a lot of routine tasks – they do everything that is needed for the flawless performance of their flying vehicle. However, their peaceful life is going to be abruptly interrupted really unexpectedly.

Who is the treacherous Impostor?

No matter how strange it looks, but one astronaut is found dead soon! When another body is discovered, it becomes clear that these are merciless murders. But who stands behind these crimes? It is obvious that only someone from the crew could commit these. Now, the astronauts need to analyze the crime scene and try to find some evidence. The life of each character is in danger. If you do not find the Impostor, there will be more victims soon. The game is designed in a way to allow players to select their preferred role. So you can play for a peaceful astronaut or you can transform into a cruel murderer. No matter what you opt for, much fun is promised!

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