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Alternate Watch

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Among the novelties in the gaming industry in 2023, it is worth highlighting the chilling game Alternate Watch, in which players will have to take part in surveillance through cameras in order to identify anomalous objects. Before each player opens the way to the world of the unknown, where they will have to face creepy and dark places that are filled with various creatures. You will try on the role of an experienced detective who does not believe in the paranormal. But how do you explain what is happening from the standpoint of science? Some things defy logic!

Secret mission features

Alternate Watch is the perfect opportunity for everyone to feel what it’s like to be on the verge of death and life. The player will only need to switch between different rooms and determine what has changed, disappeared, been added in them, and what anomalous incidents have happened. The game can meet both ghosts and ordinary intruders. Once the player has identified the changes, all they have to do is submit a report stating the exact location and type of anomaly they encountered in each room.

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