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Garten Of Banban 4

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Garten of BanBan 4 is the fourth installment in an exciting series of games that will immerse you in the mysterious world of a kindergarten where strange disappearances of children occur. You have to solve this mystery and save the missing kids.

The action of the game takes place in a multi-room building of a kindergarten with several floors. Each floor is an intricate labyrinth full of puzzles and dangers. You will have to show dexterity, ingenuity and determination to overcome these labyrinths and find traces of the missing children. On the way there will be monsters that live in the kindergarten. They have different colors and abilities and you have to be careful to avoid running into them. You will need to use smart tactics and escape to stay safe and continue your investigation.

Difficulty levels

The puzzles will become more difficult as you move deeper into the maze. You will need to solve riddles, place objects in your path and find hidden passages in order to overcome all obstacles. Each puzzle will bring you closer to solving the mystery of the missing and freeing the children.

Garten of BanBan 4 offers an exciting game challenge that combines elements of adventure, puzzles and monster fighting. You are waiting for an exciting storyline and great graphics.

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