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One-way Ticket

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Sometimes, a routine day can transform into a terrible survival in an instant. This is what happened in this short horror game. You play for the owner of a small fast food restaurant. Your hero is finishing his working day, making final preparations for the next shift. His only wish is to close the place for the night. But, unfortunately, his plan will not be realized. Something really scary is about to happen!

Will you survive it?

One moment, you will feel that you are no longer alone here. It looks like some paranormal things start to happen. But the atmosphere is really sinister. And you understand that your life is in danger. So will you manage to avoid the terrible ending? The game is rather short but its outcome fully depends on your decisions and choices. Will you manage to overcome your fears and do everything correctly? Start playing now to find it out! But note that even one wring move can turn the whole story against you!

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