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The Man From The Window 3

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Do you remember your childhood well? If so, did you use to have any fears? Kids are often scared of different creatures and monsters that do not even exist in real life. That feeling is overwhelming and cannot be compared with anything else. This horror game will allow you to experience it again! What about recollecting how dreadful it was to expect a monster to attack you at night when you are completely alone? Let’s play it!

A little about the story.

The plot tells about a little rabbit. At the beginning of the game, you see the kid playing alone at home. When he is tired, he finds a book to read. But turns out to be a really scary story about the monster. The hero gets unbelievably frightened. He is afraid that the man from the window will get inside the next moment. Luckily, the rabbit’s mother comes home to calm him down. But a strange noise interrupts their chat. What is that? Someone is tapping on the window. The little rabbit is horrified – this is exactly how that villain from the book was attacking his victims! It means the monster is not a fantasy, and he is already here! Poor rabbits are horrified! They know very well that even if they block the doors, it will not help much. The antagonist can easily get inside through the window and even through the wall!

Help the characters to survive!

It seems the two rabbits are doomed! But wait, you need to do something to help them survive. There is always a chance, and you need to find a way out. The first instinct is to hide somewhere. The idea is very good, but it will not help you much as you will be discovered pretty soon. So what to do? You need to open that book again and check how other personages confronted the enemy. There are some helpful hints in the book that you may use to hold out for a longer time. For example, you may pronounce special words that may delay your enemy. Or you may leave sweets for him to save even more time. You just need to keep him away for five minutes to win this confrontation. Switch on your logic to mislead the evil monster. Only smart actions can help you delay your opponent and remain alive! But note that even one mistake will cost you your life!

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