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Kids always have some funny fears. Did you recollect if you had any if you were still small? This horror game will definitely help you refresh lots of thrilling things in your memory. Just try to imagine something that could easily paralyze your movements in your childhood. Adults could hardly understand you at that time. Is this situation familiar to you? You can experience it again in this cool entertainment. So take time and enjoy The Man From The Window!

Meet little rabbit and his mom!

The main character of this story is a little rabbit who is home alone when you start playing. His mother is still working, and the hero is waiting impatiently for her return home. The rabbit feels bored and decides to read a book. So he finds one on the shelf and dives into reading. The story turns out to be quite frightening – it tells about a terrible monster who can sneak into any house through the window. By the time the rabbit’s mother comes back, the little hero is scared to death! But his mother is trying to calm him down, explaining it is only a fairy tale. The same moment, to their shock, they suddenly heard a quiet tap on the window. This is exactly how that terrible creature from the book gets into someone’s dwelling. It looks like that monster is real and is now going to get inside. No walls or barriers can stop this creature. So the heroes’ lives are in danger! Will you help them survive? They will have to go through a real nightmare to remain alive!

Do not let the enemy catch you!

Now comes the most shocking news – both little rabbit and his mom have only 5 minutes to succeed. It is obvious they will not be able to attack the intruder as they have no weapons. So what can they do now? They must hide! This way, they can win some time. There are also other things they can do to stop the enemy – the heroes can block the doors and find the least noticeable places to hide. The little character will remember that the book contained some hints on how to stay safe. There are even special rhymes that can be pronounced to slow down your opponent. And one more important thing – the antagonist is mad about sweets. So you may leave something sweet on the table to distract his attention. Every time, your ending will depend on your choices and decisions. Do not forget that even if you need to hold out only for five minutes, each of them will seem a fortune if the enemy is so close. Think well on every step and try to mislead the evil monster!

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