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Evil Nun Schools Out

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Some survival adventures are so scary that you literally fell paralyzed during the gameplay. If you want to gain such a thrilling experience, welcome to a school ruled by evil nun! This survival game is meant only for the bravest players. And it offers only two possible outcomes – you either run away or die. Are you ready to risk your life in such a story? Then let’s see where it all started and why you need to look for an exit!

Will you reach the front door?

Your hero was expecting to have some fun in summer school. But instead, he got into a terrible trap! It was too late to change the plan when he learned that the place was run by evil nun. She is a true monster who is going to kill everyone here. So the only chance to avoid this painful outcome is to run away! But it will not be so simple. You do not know where the front door is, and you need to find it first. Your enemy is controlling the location, and you need to move with extreme care not to meet her face-to-face. You have only several attempts to win!

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