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Amanda The Adventurer 2

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Amanda the adventurer 2 is an exciting game that combines interesting puzzles, real adventures and many mystical horror elements. Here, each player will have to be in the place of Amanda, who randomly wakes up in a house filled with ghosts and cannot remember how she got here. The main task of the game is to solve all the riddles that will help you choose from the haunted house.

Key features of the game

Deciding to enjoy the game in Amanda the adventurer 2, each player will face the following opportunities:

• a huge number of famous and funny characters;
• exciting gameplay is provided through the use of 3-D graphics;
• many additional features to simplify the game;
• A huge number of interesting puzzles.

To complete the game, the user will have to ensure their own movement through the terrible rooms and corridors of the mansion in search of clues and riddles that will help unlock the path and get out as quickly as possible. The presence of additional sound effects will make the game even more frightening and exciting.

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