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The Man From The Window Update

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Have you heard about the man from the window? It is a scary creature that appears from nowhere and looks for new victims. The worst thing is that the monster appears from nowhere and leaves no chances to anybody he finds. This time, he decides to hunt for poor little rabbit and his mom. Will you help these personages survive? It will be an extremely difficult task to complete. But it’s worth trying!

How did it all start?

The story starts when a little rabbit finds a book with a terrible tale about a scary monster. It is the man from the window, a dreadful creature that can literally walk through walls when he is looking for new victims. The mother of the little rabbit says it is only the invented fairy tale. However, soon she will change her mind. As soon as they finish their conversation, they hear a strange noise. Someone is tapping on their window. The little hero is scared to death as this is the way the monster uses to penetrate into a new house. It is too late to run away – the evil creature is already here, and it will take him minutes to reach the main personages. The danger is here, so you need to support the family of rabbits in some way.

Is that possible to survive?

It seems the situation is hopeless. But let’s try to invent something and save the characters. Overall, you have only 5 minutes. If you manage to avoid the monster for this time, you will win. But if the antagonist manages to catch any of the rabbits earlier, then both will die. So think of different tricks that can help you win time. Your enemy loves sweets – so leave some of them on the table to make him busy. Every minute counts! You also may find inconspicuous place to hide from the enemy. And do not forget that the book the little rabbit was reading contains some hints on how to slow down the monster and win some time.

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