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Night Of The Consumers 2

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Night of the Consumers 2 is a fun game that puts players in the role of an employee at a well-known supermarket. Terrible things happen in the big store. When applying for a job, the employee does not even know what is happening in this room. Before the store closes, consumers start going crazy. They run between the shelves in search of goods. The manager receives complaints about the supermarket staff. This is the main person in the game, which decides everything here.

The essence of the game

The essence of the game is that you need to take the role of the main character who will perform work in the supermarket. The player’s task is to put the goods on the shelves, help consumers, and resolve issues of people who contact the seller. Someone will look for food for animals, someone for dishes, and some mother may lose her baby. In all these cases, the main character must participate.
Players will be satisfied with the beautiful interface of the game, wonderful atmosphere and rhythmic music that continues during the passage. Outside the windows of the store you can see shadows that look like zombies. They have terrible faces and scary music. Always dissatisfied manager, consumers who run between the shelves – all these moments create chaos.
Night of the Consumers 2 is a game worth playing!

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