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Choo Choo Charles

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Choo-Choo Charles is a fun virtual game about an evil spider engine. This negative character mocks all the inhabitants of a small island. The game was created by people who loved to read Stephen King.

The plot of the game

The entertainment lies in the fact that a friend calls the main character and offers to hunt the monster of Charles – the killer train. After 60 seconds, there is a video from which players will learn how to complete the mission. During the game, the participants in the spectacle speak with their mouths closed. This feature is associated with saving PC resources. After 2 seconds from the start of the game, the player jumps into the train and starts shooting, after which the friend dies, and the monster, having eaten the person, leaves happy for some time.

Riding the train prepares the player for a deadly fight. The small area of the island opens up new places using switches at the forks. The game has to interact with other characters by exchanging tools. The entertainment offers different levels of difficulty. Players are invited to walk around the rooms and bring something for a gift. You don’t need to think too much in this game. Treatment is not provided for in it, but you can repair the train and get buns for it.

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