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Mr. Meat House Of Flesh

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If you have a good experience of playing horror games, you must not miss this new story. But we warn you the walkthrough is more than terrible. So if you are ready, let’s start! You will play for the hero who is sure that his neighbor is a terrible killer. And you need to stop him before he commits another crime. For this, you will have to sneak into his house that looks like a real prison! Do you have enough courage for this risk? Once you accept the challenge, there will not be way back!

Will you outperform Mr. Meat?

This time, your terrible opponent has trapped a young woman in his house. He will definitely kill her soon if you do not take urgent measures. But if you make even one mistake, he will deal with both of you. Start exploring the house of the evil murderer and hide in time when the danger is too close. You will need to find clues to lots of puzzles to succeed. And do your best not to become Mr. Meat’s next victim. Be very careful as this creepy mansion is full of treacherous traps!

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